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CT Green LEAF Schools

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Welcome to Connecticut's Green LEAF Schools program!

We are deeply committed to making it easier for Connecticut’s public and private K-12 institutions (Early Childhood Education coming soon!) to plant, nurture and grow the seeds of environmental literacy in a way that builds more sustainable and just communities. 

You might be thinking...
  • I just want to get my students outside more often!

  • We know we can and should be doing more with environmental education. 

  • How can we fit climate change education into our school day?

  • Can we do something about our school food waste?  

  • What is the best way to connect kids and food?

  • How do we get started reducing our school's carbon footprint?

  • What can we do about air quality?

  • Do we need a Green Team?  How do we start one?  

Become a CT Green LEAF School

The CT Green LEAF Schools program will meet you where you're at with tools, resources, and a network of educators to help you set and track environmental, health, and sustainability education goals.  

How does it work?

CT Green LEAF Schools strive to make progress across three pillars:

CT Green LEAF Venn Diagram.png
What will this look like at my school?

Every school is different and there are so many ways to get started.  For example:

  • Implement a garden-based lesson inside or outside the classroom

  • Set up a sorting station to recycle plastics, cartons, or even food in the cafeteria

  • Examine the air quality in the school building and on school grounds

  • Build awareness around your school's energy footprint and identify ways to reduce it

  • Connect the classroom to the community by tackling real-world challenges

Ready to join?
Our Enrollment Form is the only thing required to become a CT Green LEAF School

We encourage you to check out the many helpful links and resources on this website. 

For inquiries about the CT Green LEAF Schools listserv, please email 


"As one of eleven elementary schools in our district, and the first to be named a CT Green LEAF school, we serve as environmental leaders for other schools. We hope to inspire schools across the district to join us in our green efforts." 

—  M. Patricia Allen, Principal, Parkway School, Greenwich

Green Leaf Ribbon Cutting at North Stratfield Elementary!

In December 2022, North Stratfield Elementary joined three other public schools in Fairfield and officially became a certified Connecticut Green LEAF School. Congratulations! We're excited for the journey ahead!  Find more information here.

North Stratfield banner.png
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