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Book Discussion on Anti-racism

Hello COEEA members,

The COEEA Equity and Inclusion Committee knows it would be helpful if we all educated ourselves about the systemic racism in our country and organizations through reading or listening to the many books about racism that are available.

The better educated we are on the issues of racism the better able we will be to understand and help change our organizations and hopefully the world.

We will be reading or listening to a book about racism and then get together via Zoom to discuss everyone’s thoughts.

Please let COEEA Equity and Inclusion Committee Member, Wendy Sabol,, know if you would like to be part of this reading/listening/discussion group.

The first book will be How to be an Anti-racist:

Support a black-owned bookstore in CT with an amazing selection of books by looking for “How to Be an Anti-racist” at The Key Bookstore in Hartford, CT: is an interactive online bookstore experience curated for Afrocentricity, Spirituality, Environmentalism, and Entrepreneurship.


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