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New England State’s ELPs

Since the fall of 2009, all six New England states have cooperated to write and implement their environmental literacy plans.  Much of this effort is an outgrowth of the region’s work with the nation-wide No Child Left Inside Coalition, which is working at the federal level to deliver meaningful and robust education about the natural world.

The No Child Left Inside Act strengthens and expands environmental education in America’s classrooms.  Specifically, it:

  1. Provides federal funding to states to train teachers in environmental education and to operate model environmental education programs, which include outdoor learning;

  2. Provide funding to states that create environmental literacy plans to ensure that high school graduates are environmentally literate;

  3. Provides funding through an environmental education grant program to build state and national capacity;

  4. Re-establishes an Office of Environmental Education within the U.S. Department of Education.

Plans by State

For more information on each state’s plan and/or to read the plans, please check out the following links:

Massachusetts:  The Massachusetts plan being developed. Check for updates.


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